Thursday 25/02/2021

• National Lok Adalat to be held tentatively on 10.04.2021, 10.07.2021, 11.09.2021 and 11.12.2021
(NEW) In case of any relief and compensation related to the Victim of Pollution and Environmental damage please visit National Green Tribunal => for more info CLICK HERE
(NEW) Extension of time limit prescribed under section 12A of the Commercial Courts Act, 2015- Regarding
(NEW) Duty Roster of Retainer Lawyer in L.A.E. for the month of May, 2020 => for more info CLICK HERE
(NEW) Aarogya Setu IVRS - Call 1921 => for more info CLICK HERE
(NEW) Auction Notice for Disposal of Staff Car Innova => for more info CLICK HERE

SLSA is constituted to give Legal Services to the people, besides conducting Lok Adalats and to give effect to the policies and directions of NALSA
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